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If you want free V Bucks for Fortnite then our unique service might just be down your street. We offer Free V Bucks for Surveys. It’s that simple. Give us 5 minutes of your time and we will give you some V Bucks in Return. Sound great? Hit the button Below!

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All About Our Service

Warey? Want to know more about our Free V Bucks Service and what you can do to get free v bucks on fortnite? Well read on.

Over 10,000 Active Users

We have provided Millions of V Bucks Globally Since our Creation in 2018. Plenty of users fill in our surveys daily.

Don't want to fill in surveys

Well you can try out our free V Bucks Generator but it will only select 1/1000 people to award Free Vbucks!


Hello and welcome to Free V we are a team of gamers that came together to fill that one problem we all have, the limited supply of V BUCKS! Let’s face it not easy to come by when doing things for free. Sure get the founders pack do all the quests, how about log in everyday? oh got the battle pass, sure there is some there too. But once that’s all dried up what do you do next? Well that’s where we step in. Our aim here at Free V Bucks is to do precicely that! Give you Free V Bucks for Fortnite! I bet instinctly you are thinking “SCAM” and your first instinct is to run away and we understand that. There is far too much of this rubbish online and we are not here to contribute to that.

Look if you want Free V Bucks you have to understand that means not paying for them, that’s it! Now V Bucks are not going to magically appear by using some magic wand or special tool they need to be earnt. Here at Free V Bucks we have created a unique system that rewards you the user with V Bucks for completeing certain tasks. Oh yeah that’s right! All you need to do is check out our unique Free V Bucks Generator here follow the on screen instructions fill everything out and in return you will be rewarded with V Bucks. This can be done multiple times but it can take up to 24 hours for you to recieve an email with your unique code. Please note if you give this code to a friend and they use it before you, well that’s un lucky because they are non refundable! Once they are spent they are spent. No If’s buts or maybes! So keep your codes secret and use your free v bucks to buy some awesome skins! or other bits and peieces you might have been looking for.

Regards, The Free V Bucks Team.


Here at Free V Bucks we support multiple platforms. If your platform supports fortnite than we sure as hell do! It’s really that simple there is nothing complicated about it. I know it might seem strange that we support all platforms but to be fair we use your username to pass the V Bucks over to. Without that it would be impossible for us to find you.

free v bucls

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